NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM
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Author:  Gimli [ Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

Thanks Rav

Author:  Gimli [ Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

ravarcade wrote:
Gimli wrote:
Thanks Rav,
no worries, I thought I would ask

Is it possible to :
1. Turn second monitor off in FP settings
2. And then have BAM "extend" Forced arcade mode onto the second monitor?

If so, then that might be a way around it?
You could then create an alternative miniplayfield that is a reproduction of the Backglass
that you simply rotate, scale and drag onto second monitor


Long answer:
Here is how you can do it now:
1. In FP disable Backbox. For Playfield disable rotation (set to 0 deg).
2. In windows, you need to set correct way playfield display and backbox display.
- Set playfield monitor: res for example to 1920 x 1080, rotation to get window desktop in right orientation for player. (Well you will get on playfield display resolution: 1080 x 1920).
- Set backbox montor: horizontal resolution must be same or close to horizontal resolution of playfield so for example 1024 x 768
- Set backbox display as primary display.
- Move in windows playfield display above backbox display.
With that settings, backbox display (primary) coords are (0,0) - (1024 x 768), playfield display coords are (0,-1920) - (1080, 0)
3. In FP select second display (for playfield, so it will be "playfield display"). You will have res 1080 x 1920
4. Open regedit.exe. You need edit windows registry and change "Height" for FP window to 2688. (1920 + 768 = 2688)
Registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Future Pinball\GamePlayer
So now playfield window size is 1080 x 2688 at it will extend to 2 displays.
5. Modify table. You need to create fake backbox in front of main playfield. You may try to use miniplayfields.

If above tutorial looks complicated and painfull for user.... well i put it here to show you how bad idea is to extend one game window to cover 2 displays.

Hey, Rav thanks it definitely work and is fiddly for sure, but not really too complicated.
Here is test using the miniplayfield from Krull as an animated backglass.

I am certain this will work with Cirqus Voltaire and any table with veritcal playfields or backglass animations.

This is not a priority Rav, so don't bother working on it. There are not many tables that require this, I was just wondering if it was possible !! Thanks

For Future reference:
To make it easier for people to use, the following may be helpful:
1.Standardized location on table editor for Animated Backglass objects to be placed
2.Standardized Script ( to create and move BackGlass "miniplayfield" to desired location.
3.A way for BAM to change RegEdit.exe "height and width" on the fly using recommended
params (depending on Cabinet Montior Configuration of user)
4.A filter for BAM to ignore 1-3 in all tables not using this feature.

*Note: I haven't fully experimented with this yet but I had to use,
Future Pinball Ball mode instead of static mode, as the vertical image in static mode
was skewed a little... :D

Author:  Gimli [ Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

ravarcade wrote:

1.You need to create fake backbox in front of main playfield. You may try to use miniplayfields.

I just grabbed the krull miniplayfield and scaled, rotated and repositioned using the miniplayfield trick and works very well !!!

ravarcade wrote:
2.Lets say, we want to make it automatic with BAM.
Well. that game window must be rectangle. It must cover both displays. End user may have not 2, but 3 display.

But well.... program in windows can get from OS information about that displays. Here is one big problem left: how big may be that rectangel? Well it can have width or height greater than 4096 pixels.

How mony gfx cards can handle that big resolution?
So, at best there will be compatibility problems.

I think it will only be used for two monitors and the parameters you gave worked well...
For the third monitor you can still use Future DMD, and actually you can enable backbox
on your third display as typically people with cabs have a 90 rotated playfield and a simple monitor above, I believe

ravarcade wrote:
3. How about 3D support for active glasses. You can't create one view to cover 2 displays for active 3D screens. Well maybe you can if both screens are active 3D screens but not when only one is 3D.

Not many people use 3d support and they have no idea what they are missing.. :D
this will work for the majority of people

Addendum: Just tried with Active Shutter 3d and main playfield was rendered nicely in 3d,
but of course the non-3d monitor was blurry. It probably isn't possible to send the 3d signal to only the 3d monitor?

ravarcade wrote:
4.I will not discus here how it will increase complications in BAM to manage all that modes. For last BAM update i speend 2 weeks to coordinate all code-paths and make working mini-playfields, custom models, new renderer, stereo 3d work in arcade mode, forced arcade mode, normal mode and VR. This is real painfull thing. Adding that one-view-to-rule-all-displays will make everything 2 times more complicated.

I know, I have it working in Future Pinball Mode and it is awesome...I'll check to see how it impacts those would only be used for a few tables that require or use an animated backglass/ vertical BAM would just run as usual all the rest of the time.

Addendum: With some fiddling, you can get a satisfactory result in Static Mode and the New Renderer and lighting etc...all seem to work fine. Again the vertical monitor has a slightly skewed appearance in static mode...which you can compensate for by rotating the the miniplayfield slightly and by playing with the "camera position"
Kinect head tracking also still works, but the back glass monitor "swivels " slightly as you move you head

Again, Rav, this not a priority. It is just something I wanted to test out for future development, especially for tables like Cirqus Voltaire....for people with cabs...
for VR users ,of course, none of this is necessary as you can easily put animations on backbox in VR mode already...


Author:  Gimli [ Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

Sorry for all of the wierd ideas....

Smoke has realease TOTAN which is a masterpiece, using BAM for Genie Lamp
spin mod...

So I decided to play with Spindisk and modded the Table hockey table by Cujob and Polygame

the home team players use spindisks instead of flippers to allow a 360 degree movement
like the real table.

Next steps create a puck inside an invisible ball to look like a puck and
put a transparent bubble above the table...and then have the table slope both ways for two player games

Just for fun... I realize this isn't pinball and won't really be very interesting to a lot of people, but it demonstrates some possibilties...and it is hockey season here in Canada

Author:  blindpeser [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

Bob! This is hilarious! I had to lough a couple of times. Someone should create a real puck for it. Your creativity seems to be limitless! Nice artwork! Are you also able to script?

Author:  Gimli [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

blindpeser wrote:
Bob! This is hilarious! I had to lough a couple of times. Someone should create a real puck for it. Your creativity seems to be limitless! Nice artwork! Are you also able to script?

Thanks Ronald!
This is surprisingly a very good game by cujopb (with help from Polygame)
It has Rink and Crowd Animations. You can pick an NHL team. The AI is quite well done.

So far I have just:
1.Selected what I want (the Talble Hockey Stuff) as a miniplayfield and temporarily moved
it to the left
2.Selected everyting else (The pinball table shell and backglass) and move it to the right
3.Then moved the Table Hockey Back to centre stage
4.Swapped the home team Player Flipper Models with Player SpinDisk Models (using FP model editor... ;) )
6.Coded the players to spin left and right using the flippers

Yes I am able to script...not fancy like Rav and Popotte and Smoke and Blue...but I can do it.

The puck I am pretty sure I can do....Rav has a way to insert objects inside transparent balls and then I'll just set ball dampening to 10 so it doesn't roll.

I am playing with overlaying a ginormous translucent pinball using miniplayfield mod, as "bubble" over the table and works fairly well... :lol:

Author:  Gimli [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

Using the Code lesson from Rav's demo table named "miniplayfield 3"
I was able to place a puck ornament inside an invisible pinball :lol:

Author:  blindpeser [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

You should see my face. That was an awesome video! :mrgreen:

But man, you have to practice more! The computer beats you big time!

Author:  Gimli [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

Here is further evolution in the mod, experimenting with miniplayfield features.
I Placed the whole table inside a huge transparent ball....."Bubble Hockey"...

Author:  Gimli [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MiniPlayfields in BAM

Wild just asked me about using miniplayfield mod to superimpose vertical playfields on backglass and I thought it was tricky, but it isn't

I dimmed the lighting as the reflection on the backglass was too bright and I didn't bother
adjusting the lighting perfectly...but you will get the idea

This works very easily with:
1.desktop mode as you can just alternate between "LookAtBackGlass" and "LookAtPlayfield"
2.BAM VR it will work perfectly

However with:
3.Cabinet mode it will NOT work as in cabinet mode, the backglass is coded separately from the table.
In this case you would have to have the "miniplayfield" magically appear on top of the regular table instead (or animate to rise from below...).

See the videos up higher in this post describing how Cabinet mode can be tweaked for a vertical monitor...but it is very tricky (not as easy as desktop and VR...)

Cool :lol:

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