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Author:  wild [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  load table question

I don't know if ever, if I talked about it, but I was wondering if bam, could have the possibility to increase the loading time of the table, and why not completely bypass the loading, to a few seconds (it is impossible to say someone, or it will be a dream technicolor) who knows.

I worked at a Slam table, along with Gimli, we spent almost a week, it's half time spent, and it was because of the loading, now with this I don't want to criticize the Slam tables, on the contrary, it's a torture to wait minutes before to play, or be limited in putting some extra textures, and especially when you have to take the test ...... I don't dare to think how much time it is used for the test .... in the Slam tables, but I think it's a hassle, for everyone to wait all this time to load a table

the cause, we all know (model, storyline, videos, shadow maps, ect, ect) but maybe there could be some other solution out there, I wonder (a super PC apart)

Author:  johnhardyiv [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

Did you try turning texture filtering down in the graphic settings of FP to none or bilinear vs. trilinear? Apparently trilinear can vastly increase the load times on some of the more complex tables.

Author:  wild [ Fri Nov 01, 2019 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

johnhardyiv wrote:
Did you try turning texture filtering down in the graphic settings of FP to none or bilinear vs. trilinear? Apparently trilinear can vastly increase the load times on some of the more complex tables.

I didn't know, but I always had this option activated, so it would take something else

Author:  djlunchbox [ Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

Didn't you say your PC was low spec to the point you can't use new render?

I think it may be time to upgrade your pc. Also I know depending on the textures and models it affects certain tables.

I know ROM did something to a few of his tables where he even put it in the opening text it was a 10 second load.

Someone else mentioned something about combining things into TGA files (?) but i could be mistaken.

Most tables load in my cabinet in about 20-30 seconds. Some of Slam's tables take a little bit longer such as Jurassic Park.

However I would say in your case your PC needs to be upgraded. With all the new things we can do in BAM it will require more horsepower.

Author:  Popotte [ Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

give us your PC's Specs: processor, ram, video cards and RAM associated and the name of the Slam's table.

Author:  GeorgeH [ Mon Dec 16, 2019 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

djlunchbox wrote:
I know ROM did something to a few of his tables where he even put it in the opening text it was a 10 second load.

ROM came up with the rapid loading table after he started posting tables with models with a huge number of polygons. With the rapid loading tables, he reduced the number of polygons by a factor of about 4. He also reduced the size of many of the textures. I got into this on Masters of the Universe. I took a look back at his first HD posting of it. I found I couldn't tell much difference in the quality of the high vs low polygon models. I did find a significant difference on the quality of his high vs low resolution textures. I ended up using his low res models but did convert back to his hi res textures.

djlunchbox wrote:
Someone else mentioned something about combining things into TGA files (?) but i could be mistaken.

Shadow maps can be saved as TGA files and it significantly reduces the load time of a table. I am sure Wild knows about this.

I think Popotte has the best idea for Wild. Have Wild post his PC specs and those of us in the know might make suggestions on what to upgrade. Unfortunately I know almost nothing about hardware so the rest of you will have to make suggestions..


Author:  Popotte [ Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

And I add disk. If your disk have over then 80% occupation, it becomes slow. And if it is fragmented, it becomes slower.

Author:  wild [ Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

Hi to all of you......I agree with what you all say,

my initial question was whether it is possible with bam to decrease the time to load the table in some way, but apparently it is not possible,or Rav, he would have answered me.

the waiting time for loading a table depends on many factors, as I have learned over the years....and as we all know....hight texture,too many polygons in the models,(obviously in FP) is recently with the use of Bam, shadow maps, new renderer(this is heavy),light sistem(I don't know how much though),and lastly video clips.....(that I think this is the crux of the matter)

now, if a person, in order to be able to play at a table, that have: all these features I mentioned before, you have to have a 2000 euro PC, well I can't spend this money,with all the respect of the tables that have these features,and with all due respect.... my pc i think that's enough for now.

I can play with pc games, dated up to 2015 without problems, obviously that falls within the System Requirements, as is known, the game-producing "houses",make games that that force us to upgrade the PC,every six months (but it's always a question of money) but for now I can be content for what PC i have.

now, to reduce the waiting time, it is not enough to reduce the polygons, textures, shadow maps in tga (moreover I was the first to use in TR) or not to use the new renderer, it takes a super PC, to play at these tables I wonder?

I agree with JP, I could add another ..... like the ram frequency, the mb cache, the cpu sochet number......but here is my pc

windows 7 64
intel(r) core(tm)2 quad q9550 2.83 ghz, 12mb cache, 775 sochet
n-videa 220 gt 1gb
6gb ram: corsair dominator ddr2 1333mhz
hd 1 tg used 700, not defragment it takes a week
power supply: 550 watt

Author:  djlunchbox [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

Wow that is extremely low spec wild. You're still using DDr2 memory?

The first thing you may want to do is change your Hard Drive to an SSD or add an SSD to run windows and your programs and store your games on your existing hard drive using it like an external. SSD boot and run much faster and are relatively cheap. However given the specs of your PC i'm gonna say you may be on USB 1.0 which will still make things slow.

2000 euros is a ridiculous number. I bought a premade PC for $300 US with these specs:

Xeon E3 v1231 Quad core, 8M Cache, 3.40 GHz, (equivalent to an i7-4770)
8GB DDR3 ram
Windows 10
240gb SSD for Operating System, 1gb HDD for tables. Will soon convert everything to a 500gb SSD.

While it plays games like Street Fighter V at ultra settings on a 1080P monitor, it will be sluggish on 4k.

If you want a cheap way to upgrade, search local second hand stores and classifieds. Try to find an old DELL Optiplex PC with at least an i5. Not that an i3 wouldn't work but the price difference is minimal. i7 would be ideal but i don't know what budget you have and the i7 does increase the price.

With the i5 you'll want to upgrade it to 8gb of ram, then a GPU. While it's easy to say get a 1050, you may want to look for something that's at least a 750 or better. And again either upgrade the internal HDD to an SSD. This "should" cost you around 400 euros or less.

I'm not sure where you're located but here's what I found on ebay UK. Most of these will be great. If they don't have an SSD, as I stated it's a cheap upgrade. ... 5&_sacat=0

Then you can maybe pair it with a 750 if you want to keep it budget friendly ... +&_sacat=0

don't be intimidated into thinking you "need" a super pc. It's all relative to what you want to play. However as you've just seen, you can't keep your pc too slow or you will miss out on playing newer games and in this case newer tables.

Author:  wild [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: load table question

I know DJ, my pc is not the best,don't be fooled just because I have a ddr2 .... or because I don't have an ssd .... my processor can be compared to an i5, I only have a low gpu.....and I have usb 2.0.

but for now I can play on the tables, I don't put the new renderer active, in the slam tables I deactivate it, the problem is the loading time, for too many video-clips or shadow maps.

in Italy the costs for hardware are a bit high, for a gt 750, I have to spend 80 euros, but I certainly don't solve my problem, I can't play darksiders 3, or the new resident evil 2, minimum I need a GTX 980 , but here in Italy you know how much it costs? obviously depends on the brand, but I should spend at least 250 euros......not to mention motherboard and processor.......we want to talk in 4K, well ... then we need a suitable monitor how much does it cost?

in eBay I do not trust, I had a little swindle once, and to get my money back, I had to resort to extreme remedies, so in conclusion, sooner or later I will have to update the PC, and I will ... .but if I have to do it just to play at the slam tables ..... it's not enough for me.

there are solutions, just do the shadow maps in tga .... create a variable tru-false, to make sure whether to choose to play with the new renderer, or not, and obviously not to load 10,000 video-clips ... Does this seem ridiculous to you?

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