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Author:  halen [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Help of Phisics

First I wanted to thank the site for the existing documentation that do the future pinball easy to configure. I read George's Future Pinball Installation and Alternate Executable Files thread and I had a problem. I use the executable file Future Pinball 2.7.exe and the default xml file Phisics 1 in BAM folder. For each table i use the xml of the phisics that its necessary. For some table I had problem (Band Wagon, Batman). I tested with differents exe and worked only for exe 1.0 and exe.2.0 the others exe this not work. I keep the default XML phisics 1. What did I do wrong?

Author:  GeorgeH [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

When you say that Band Wagon and Batman don't work, what do you mean? Do these tables crash or the physics not work? I am guessing the latter. There are several versions of Batman, some of which have XML files and some do not. But Band Wagon has no XML file so it should be using the "default.xml" file. If you play a game and open BAM, the menu shows the file it is using for the physics at the bottom right side of the screen. Band Wagon should show that it is using the "default.xml" file. If you do not see it there, something is not right. Make sure the "default.xml" file has been saved in the BAM folder. I made the mistake once of saving it in the "Future Pinball" folder and it did not work. Be sure the "default.xml" file is in the BAM folder which should be a subfolder of the "Future Pinball" folder.


Author:  halen [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics


Ok . I made that you ask me. The BAM show to me the xml file and the directory that you are install. That´s OK. The band wagon is working with default.xml (1.0) and future pinball.exe (original). I change the exe to Future Pinball 2.7 and the table dont load. The BAM crash file is:

BAM path: D:\Arquivos de programas\Future Pinball\BAM
XML: D:\Arquivos de programas\Future Pinball\BAM\default.xml
table: D:\Arquivos de programas\Future Pinball\Tables\Band Wagon (Bally 1965).fpt
1: TAG: FILE=dllmain.cpp, LINE=380, FUNC=Routed_SwapBuffers
2: TAG: FILE=dllmain.cpp, LINE=395, FUNC=Routed_SwapBuffers
SBC: -1
NFC: 0
Loaded modules:
Future Pinball.exe, 1.9.2013.25 : 00400000 - 01E32000
ntdll.dll, 6.2.17134.228 : 76EF0000 - 77080000
KERNEL32.DLL, 6.2.17134.1 : 75E10000 - 75EF0000
KERNELBASE.dll, 6.2.17134.165 : 765A0000 - 76784000
apphelp.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 71D90000 - 71E2D000
USER32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75390000 - 7551D000
win32u.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75520000 - 75537000
GDI32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75080000 - 750A2000
gdi32full.dll, 6.2.17134.112 : 73870000 - 739D4000
fmod.dll, : 10000000 - 10096000
COMCTL32.dll, 6.10.17134.228 : 72EB0000 - 730B4000
msvcp_win.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 74EA0000 - 74F1D000
ADVAPI32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75310000 - 75388000
ucrtbase.dll, 6.2.17134.191 : 75F60000 - 7607E000
msvcrt.dll, 7.0.17134.1 : 76210000 - 762CF000
sechost.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75730000 - 75774000
combase.dll, 6.2.17134.112 : 750B0000 - 7530C000
COMDLG32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75780000 - 75856000
RPCRT4.dll, 6.2.17134.112 : 75640000 - 75700000
shcore.dll, 6.2.17134.112 : 760E0000 - 76168000
bcryptPrimitives.dll, 6.2.17134.137 : 74E40000 - 74E98000
SspiCli.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 737B0000 - 737D0000
CRYPTBASE.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 737A0000 - 737AA000
SHLWAPI.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 76090000 - 760D5000
SHELL32.dll, 6.2.17134.228 : 73A60000 - 74DAA000
ole32.dll, 6.2.17134.137 : 75540000 - 7563C000
cfgmgr32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 737D0000 - 73809000, 6.2.17134.228 : 76790000 - 76D4A000
kernel.appcore.dll, 6.2.17134.112 : 73A00000 - 73A0F000
profapi.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 739E0000 - 739F8000
powrprof.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 76DB0000 - 76DF5000
FLTLIB.DLL, 6.2.17134.1 : 74DB0000 - 74DB8000
OLEAUT32.dll, 6.2.17134.48 : 762D0000 - 76366000
MSACM32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 71AF0000 - 71B09000
WINMM.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 72050000 - 72074000
WSOCK32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 71EF0000 - 71EF8000
WS2_32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 75EF0000 - 75F57000
DINPUT8.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 6BF90000 - 6BFC9000
OPENGL32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 6BBF0000 - 6BCC9000
GLU32.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 6BF50000 - 6BF8F000
winmmbase.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 72020000 - 72043000
Newton.dll, : 02530000 - 025A1000
libcurl.dll, : 025B0000 - 0264D000
DevIL.dll, : 02650000 - 027C3000
ILUT.dll, : 001E0000 - 001ED000
ILU.dll, : 027D0000 - 027E3000
WININET.dll, 11.0.17134.228 : 72AA0000 - 72EA5000
IMM32.DLL, 6.2.17134.1 : 75700000 - 75726000
BAM.dll, : 69C80000 - 6A1EF000
PSAPI.DLL, 6.2.17134.1 : 76170000 - 76176000
SETUPAPI.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 759E0000 - 75E0B000
HID.DLL, 6.2.17134.1 : 6BF40000 - 6BF4A000
VERSION.dll, 6.2.17134.1 : 73190000 - 73198000
renderingengine.dll, : 69860000 - 69C74000
Error code C0000005: ACCESS VIOLATION

Address: 02557D87 -> Newton.dll:00027D87
Flags: 00000000

Fault Occured At $ADDRESS:02557D87 ->Newton.dll:00027D87

Address: 00000006 -> UNKNOWN:00000006
*** 0 called from $ADDRESS:00000006

I already talk when i return to future original exe then the table load.

Author:  halen [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

And the default.xml i download from your tread:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!-- Physics 1.0 (or original physics) processing -->
<!-- Note. Changing the FPS will effect how how all the other values interact with each other and should
be a high value due to the fact the ball in a pinball is moving very fast and lower values will cause the ball
to go into objects fractionally (thus we must sample at a higher rate)

threaded (true/false) defines if the physics runs in a separate thread for multicore CPU's (dev version only)
<physics fps="256" threaded="0"></physics>

Author:  GeorgeH [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

I tried Band Wagon with the 2.7 exe and the "default.xml" file. All I can suggest is you might try a few things:

Have you successfully used the "Default.xml" file with the 2.7 exe on other tables?

Try using the XML file from the download here: ... +Files.rar

Try a different exe file so that we can see if the problem is with the exe or the XML. I use the Zed 1.1 64 bit exe and do not have a problem. You can download all of them here: ... able_files


Author:  halen [ Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics


Yes, I Have you successfully used the "Default.xml" file with the 2.7 exe on other tables. Only few tables i have this problem (Band Wagon, Batman Dark Knight...)

I used the xml file that you post but the problem persist. The BAM begins work and the load bar come to the middle and the table doesnt load.

I change the exe file to Zedonius and the bam dont work and the table did not open at all. In this case the bar does not even begin to load.

The BAM crash log is the same for the tables that dont load: Error code C0000005: ACCESS VIOLATION

Author:  GeorgeH [ Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

I think I have figured out the cause now that you say you got an "access violation".

I see you installed the Future Pinball program in:

D:\Arquivos de programas\Future Pinball\

Step 2 of my guide located here says to not install Future Pinball in either of the following folders:

C:\Program Files\
C:\Program Files (x86)\

I used google to translate "Arquivos de programas" from Portuguese to English and it translated to "Program Files". ...So I assume this is where you have other Windows programs installed. The problem is that the program needs to be able to write files to the program folder and Windows will not allow that to occur when you install Future Pinball to either of the above folders. The program should function properly as long as you avoid installing it to either of the above two folders.

You need to avoid installing Future Pinball to either of these 2 folders.

D:\Arquivos de programas\
D:\Arquivos de programas (x86)\

I suppose you are using the D drive designation for some reason instead of using C which most of us use. My guide recommends installing Future Pinball in the following folder:

C:\Games\Future Pinball\

In your case, I suppose you might want to install it here:

D:\Games\Future Pinball\

I'm sorry you had a problem using my guide. I wrote the guide in English. I did not know that Microsoft translated the names of folders into other languages. I guess I need to update my guide.


Author:  halen [ Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

George, Your guide is great!!! I learned a lot from it. I installed future pinball and BAM in my second HD (D:) because if i have problem with OS i dont lose anything. I think the problem is not the path of future is installed. If the problem was the path all the tables dont work. I will try to format my HD and install a fresh OS in the weekend. I'll let you know.

Author:  GeorgeH [ Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

I suggest you try reinstalling Future Pinball and avoid installing it to either of these 2 folders before you reformat your drive:

D:\Arquivos de programas\
D:\Arquivos de programas (x86)\

I am nearly positive this is the problem. The reason you got the access violation is either the Future Pinball program or BAM was trying to save a file for the table to your program folder. Windows no longer allows programs to save files to either of the above folders. That is why you got the access violation.

If everything else works on your hard drive, I don't see a need to reformat it. You should at least try this first. It could save you a lot of work.


Author:  ravarcade [ Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help of Phisics

In windows few dirs are "special".
In dirs:
x:\Program Files\
x:\Program Files (x86)\
and few other...
Programs can write only if they are run as " Super-Administrator". In most cases only program installer can be run that way.
BAM writes files in own dir. FP do it too.

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