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 Post subject: How to post or edit tables at PinSimDB
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:36 am 
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This little HOWTO explains how to post or edit a table at
Any authentified users can add or edit tables.

IMPORTANT: some authors don't want to see their tables uploaded at

Creating a draft or updating an existing table:


Create an account at and log in: it's free, your email address doesn't have to be a real one but you can't recover your password if you lose it!


:arrow: If you want to create a new table:
Click on the "table" menu.


locate the "Your actions" box and click "Submit a new table".

A form with the following confirmation is displayed:


:arrow: If you want to update an existing table:
Go to the table details sheet, locate the "Your actions" box and click "Edit table info":


You don't have to be an author to edit tables informations!

General informations


Enter the name and the version number of your table.
If the table is unfinished, click the "Work in progress" checkbox.



To find authors, type some letters in the search field, the list below is populated with matching names. Select names in the left list, you want to add in the authors list (right list).
If the author doesn't exist, type the full name in the search field and select the "xxx (new)" entry that appears in the left list and click "add".

By default, your account is added in the author list.

Table type


Define the type of your table:

:arrow: Unknown: this type is the default one and should not be selected.

:arrow: Original: your table is not a real table or video game recreation.

:arrow: Recreation (real pinball): select this option if your table is a recreation of a real pinball.


Type in the year of manufacturing (field date), the trade name and manufacturer (not all manufacturer have a trade name) and, when available, enter the ipdb id. To find the ipdb id, open and search your table. The id is displayed in the results list:


:arrow: Recreation (video game): select this option if your table is a recreation of a video game.

Image resources (screenshots)


Resources are displayed on the table list (Layout view only), in the table sheet (carrousel and resources tab).

Add table resources (screenshots, flyers...).
Click on the blue arrow located on the right of the "Resources" title.

Choose the resource type:
:arrow: Layout view: screenshot of the playfield (In Future Pinball, hit "F2" and take the screenshot). This screenshot is displayed in the table list.
:arrow: Cabinet view: screenshot of the cabinet (In Future Pinball, hit "F8" five times and take the screenshot).
:arrow: Translite view: screenshot of the translite (In future Pinball, maintain "Tab" pressed while taking the screenshot)
:arrow: Custom shot: any other screenshots not listed above. This can be a table detail you are proud of, flyers...

Give a name to your resource: this is mandatory!

Select the file on your harddrive (click "Browse..."). Only Jpeg and PNG file formats are allowed.

:arrow: If you want to add another resource click "Image Add a resource"



Files are displayed in the "download" box of the table (top left of a table sheet). Your sent files are stored on the server.

Add the archive of your table: give a name to your file (example: "Table (1.0)") and select the archive on your hardrive. Zip, rar and 7z file formats are accepted.
You can upload 100MB at a time (all the resources and files selected in the forms are counted in this size). If you have to upload a bigger amount, upload them one at a time (choose one file save the form, then edit your table draft again, chose another file, save ... and so on).

:arrow: If you want to add another download, click "Image Add a download"



Links are displayed in the "Links" tab.

Add links, select the type of the link:
:arrow: Download link: select this type to add a download link to a free download site (mediafire, ...)
:arrow: Discussions topics: select this type if the link is the discussion topic of your table.
:arrow: Table homepage: if you have created a page dedicated to your table, select this type.
:arrow: Review: select this type to add a link to a video site (youtube, vimeo, ...). If you want to have a youtube video displayed in your table sheet, the url of the link MUST BE formatted like that:

Give a name to your link: this information is mandatory!

Copy & paste the link URL.

:arrow: If you want to add another link, click "Image Add a link"

Changing the status and asking table validation

All tables submitted at pinsimdb are added or updated through a validation process.


In order to ask validation, select "Waiting (for publish)" in the status list.
WARNING: once you have submitted you table for validation, you can't edit it anymore.
Do not create multiple draft of the same table.

Tables with the "draft" status cannot be validated. Drafts older than one month are automatically deleted!
You can retrieve your saved draft in the "Your actions" box:


 Post subject: Re: How to post or edit tables at PinSimDB
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 4:00 pm 

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