Beginner tutorial by 20degree
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Author:  20degree [ Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Just letting peoples know that i have authorizations from Milkshape3D to do some printscreens images of the software. I'm building an other 5th free book to help peoples know basics things about creating some 3D models. It is not on my website as the time i write this message.

In it i'll explain "in text mostly" modeling in Softimage XSI Mod Tool v6.01. When i had writen to them to ask for there permissions to do some printscreens images, they had send me a link to so many terms hard to understand for my self; this to simply do some printscreens images explaining visually to help free. So by respect of copyrights, mostly because i dont understand there terms and do not want to have any problems; it will not have images of there software. Sorry, i hope that you'll understand. It's sad because it could give to them some potential future customers.

I'll explain very little in Blender (the modeling is more in Softimage). Milkshape3D i'll try to explain texturing some basic 3D models. FPM Editor gonna explain basics things also. Briefly i'll try to explain very easy how to create some basic 3D models, give it a texture; and importing it for Futurepinball.

Note that this book will be more for peoples of "intermediate level". But as always will do my best to explain it step by step for beginners. It is because of peoples demands, that i create a book about creating some 3D models for Futurepinball and giving it a texture. I hope it will help peoples and be of good use. Also thank's to peoples that have givin me the authorizations, so i do printscreens images of there great softwares to help more peoples.

Once again, many thank's to peoples that have helped me in many different ways! A+

Author:  MadMrMax [ Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Looking forward to your next installment of tutorials!


Author:  20degree [ Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Just letting your self know MadMrMax, i have a lot of pages to write and put lots of images also. I have done 17 pages for now, but i'm pretty sure it will have more then 50 pages; maybe even more then 80 pages. This because it is important for my self to put into soo much details and explications, so peoples reading page by page; wont be lost and i'll try to make it very easy to learn as my previous books.

Make this book giving some basic essential knowledges about modeling and texturing your own model for Futurepinball. I just simply care for the peoples, and think as best as i can to all of them. Why the book will have soo many pages? It is simply because there will be a variety of softwares spoken about with some simple exercise and images; to make peoples understand fiew things. Well i'll hope it will help peoples? But if the peoples follow page by page and do the simple exercises step by step. Peoples should manage just fine by them self with some basics. I'm not an expert, but i'm glad to share some knowledges; that should be easy to remember and essentials. I'm pretty sure that it should bring to peoples the ability to create and texture there own models for Futurepinball.


Author:  20degree [ Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Just letting peoples know that my 5th free pdf guide is on my personnal website, in my section Guides for Futurepinball. It is just about "creating some 3d models and putting onto them a texture" with some softwares indicated in the step by step guide.

If you expect that in this book number 5, if it will talk about scripting; then it is preferable that you take a look at my free previous guides. Because this new free tutorial guide wont speak about scripting into Futurepinball.

Sorry this guide dont have very much images into. Why you may ask? Because this book have more then 50 pages. So to make weight less in MB (mega-bytes) i had to take out some images and put more text. When i did put a lot of images it has taken much more then 5mb of file size. Also that i know when peoples want to share some file trough e-mail with some standard account, most e-mail account can make possible to send files that have in total less then 5mb.

I had cover a lot of softwares in this guide. The modeling is more with the Softimage software. It also speak about how to cut some model form with an other model into the software Blender. It speak about fiew things into Milkshape3d like texturing your model (UV mapping). It talk about FPM Editor and at last the software Futurepinball. So there is fiew images, but mostly some text writen.

I am not too much advanced in 3D modeling as some expert. But i think this step by step free pdf guide, can cover some essentials to create your own 3D models and texture it; to the step to import your models into Futurepinball software.

I hope that you will like it, and give your comments here about it; wich could make my self do better guides.

Big thank's to the many peoples and company's that have accepted that i do printscreens of there great softwares, without them and there authorizations i could not do this kind of book. I'm glad to help peoples and who knows maybe it will make my self, make your self at a good turning point into your life.

Once again thank's to all. A+

Author:  20degree [ Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Ive forgotten that you can find my 5th book (about modeling and texturing your model), wich is the last by the time i write this message and you can see and download my other free pdf guides also at:

Many thank's to,,,, and other peoples that have givin me authorizations to put images of there great softwares. Also for givin me some knowledges.

I'm not much advanced as some experts, but at leass i try to help peoples; and hope that you'll find my free step by step pdf books of good use. A+

Author:  20degree [ Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Because there where many peoples going on the site, wich make hard to see the latest free pdf guide. Here is the direct link to my latest free pdf guide explaining step by step about basics to modeling and putting your own image "texture on model" indicating little things of UV mapping. Softwares needed: "Softimage XSI Mod Tool version 6.01", "Blender optional", "Milkshape3d", "FPM Editor from", "Futurepinball". You can see the free pdf guide and even download it free. No need to fill some form to download it or to watch it online.


Author:  20degree [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Id please like to know what peoples think about my last free pdf guide at this time. It is important to me to know about it, because it make my self create very good books that are easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to memorize.

Once again big thank's to the numerous peoples that have accepted that i do printscreens images of there great softwares to put into the books; this because i respect copyrights and do have respects. Thank's again to the Pinsimdb team at ( &, to Chris from, to Ton from, to Mete from and many other peoples.

Author:  HappyCab [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Well, maybe improve on your english. In order to educate you must first well communicate, so I'd start from there. Actually you are writing like a lot of french Quebec people speaks in english (words for words), which give a bad "Google translate vibe" to your text and it get hard to read after a few minutes.

My 2 cents, but you asked for it. Next time just say : Opinions please minus Happycab's opinions :)

Author:  20degree [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

Thank's Steve for your comment, well i try as best as i can to write english; i know that my transcriptions and writing is not so good. What would be good is that peoples here write like (on page X the text X would be better writen as this "givin me some teaching"). I'm more french from Quebec, even my native language i have difficulties. Because english is a language known mostly anywhere, that's why i write the pages in english. There are things in english that are more easy then french. In french they have (Je, Tu, Il/Elle, Nous, Vous, Ils/Elles), but in english they have (I, You, He/She, We, They). I agree with you Steve. It could be great if some peoples could help me write better for some later books.

It can also help my self to write better things in english. Because my english as my french is not much good i try to indicate in details the things i write. This to make peoples get not lost in my indications as in my exercises. I care to make it easy to read, but my writing in english even in french need lots of improvements. Id please like peoples that can help my self, write other english books and help me get better. The thing i can do, is write in the book my thank's to Mister or Miss for the help to write later books. Even if they have some website with (no nudity, discrimination, none offending, etc) you understand what i mean by respects of peoples; could add the website link into later book to make yourself more known. So i wonder who could help me?

I hope that at leass my latest free pdf guide book, was easy to read and to understand?

Once again thank's to all! A+

Author:  HappyCab [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner tutorial by 20degree

You don't have to justify. Je suis francophone également et je demeure à Montréal

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