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 Post subject: Re: Genesis - Gottlieb 1986
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:11 am 

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Now Gimli and georgeH can finally prepare their shocking new version .... :mrgreen:

Not so shocking and some of it may be distracting from Franzleo's amazing reproduction.
We will test it some more and hopefully release within a couple of days...

This table however allows us to play with some of the new features of BAM.
I am looking forward to Franzleo/Wild's "Krull" and Smokes "mystery table"

I have tried to utilize BAM's new Custom BAll Scripting, Miniplayfield function and optimize for Bam OVR if for nothing else then to at least test it out, and start to consider the future possibilities. :D

'*******This mod will only work with most recent version of Bam or BAM OpenVR (OVR Beta4) that allows for Miniplayfield function, Custom Ball Scripting

' Genesis Plus is an attempt to add some more fun stuff to Franzleo Classic Reproduction of

'Genesis 1968 table. It includes the following added features/functions:

'1.Real multiplayer support (Each players progress saved)

'2.Optional Alternate Rock Music Sound Track c/o GeorgeH

'3.Three and Five Ball Modes

'4.Optional Custom Plasma Balls using Ravarcade's Custom Ball Scripting via BAM (When switch Custom Balls on/off during a game,
'you must wait until next ball before all ball changes are in effect..due to current Custom Ball scripting limitations)

'5.Alternating Plasma Room Art based on Game State (make Bam OpenVR mode more interesting)

'6.High Score Embedded into Gas Segment display (Standard HighScore DMD doesn't work in OpenVR mode)
'Use flippers to switch between letters and plunger to select. To go back a letter, press
'left flipper once then plunger key once then continue to choose your letter as before. To go back two or more letters,
'do the the same on the first letter, then keep pressing plunger for second and third letter and then continue your selection.

'7.Rising Robot Show when all body parts obtained using Ravarcade's Miniplayfield Mod (happens only when one ball in play when
'show starts

'8.Save Game Mode to save game in progress and for crash recovery

'9.ToggleHudKey will switch Hud on/off. VR users can inactivate hud by simply removing apostrophes under
'FuturePinball_BeginPlay() on lines 316 to 321 of this script...

'10 Option Menu function is a per all Gimli tables. Press Special2 key to access menu, use flippers see choices , use plunger key to select and then press Special2 key again to
'return to game

'11.Custom Physics c/o GeorgeH



 Post subject: Re: Genesis - Gottlieb 1986
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:11 am 

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:shock: :)

 Post subject: Re: Genesis - Gottlieb 1986
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:43 pm 
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Fantastic new...bro :shock: and great job :D

 Post subject: Re: Genesis - Gottlieb 1986
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:09 am 

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I just added the custom physics to it and we have a couple of things to change. We'll probably release it soon although Gimli appears to be somewhat preoccupied with Rafal's new miniplayfield toys.


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