8 Stage Boss's
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Author:  20degree [ Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  8 Stage Boss's

I have the idea to create some pinball game, that the player can choose a boss stage before playing. There is 8 stages (8 boss's)

The logic of it is when the player press 5 (coin) and press 1 (start), then with the Right flipper key the player change a selected boss stage (1 of 8 lights) corresponding stage light change. When the player press the Left flipper key it indicate the boss stage is choosen, then create a ball in the plunger lane for the player.

What is complex is when some boss stage had been done, the player simply lose his ball to choose an other stage; the player ball lost is not counted because the player continue the game as a ball saved. Then again the player choose a stage before an other ball is created in the plunger.

The pinball remember what stage is completed because of the stage light BulbOn, so when the player select a stage; the player cannot select again the same stage that have been done.

So if the player have done as stage as boss1, when the player select the stage; it pass the stage(s) that have been done.

If the player have done the boss1 and then lost the ball, it goes to the select stage of boss2. But if also the boss2 stage then the selection goes to the next stage not done.

It can be very complex because suppose that stageboss1 is done, stageboss4 is done, stageboss5 is done, stageboss8 is done. There is many probability's for the player to choose a stage.

When the futurepinball player will do the things in the selected stage, the player have some ScoreLifePoints and the boss have some BossLifePoints. Similar as Faxanadu X Pinball. This to make the boss life points to zero (this make the stage completed).

Thank's for your time. A+

Author:  20degree [ Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 8 Stage Boss's

I have done a search here with the keywords "save ball", because i cant remember how to do a "ShootAgainLight" between the flippers possible. The idea is that when the stage is completed, the player let the ball enter the "DrainKicker", the "ShootAgainLight" between the flipper (Blink or is On) and the "DrainKicker.DestroyBall", then it go to the "CreateNewBall()"; but into the script "Sub CreateNewBall()" it could be writen as "ShootAgainLight.State = Blink" it create the ball in the (PlungerLaneKicker) as it normally does but do not count the lost ball; because of the ShootAgainLight Blink. After it turn to Off the ShootAgainLight before creating the ball in the PlungerLaneKicker.

What would be the scripts and at what code line number it should be put (supposing that it is a new table created).

For now this table that i create (not called 8 stages boss) but MegaMan XO, i have programmed the possibility before the ball enter the PlungerLane; the player with the flipper key's (rightflipper change stage) and (leftflipper play selected stage). Also when the player lost his ball into the drain, have also the possibility to again choose one of the 8 stage's that have different objectifs.

Thank's. A+

Author:  20degree [ Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 8 Stage Boss's

By doing again a search here i have found two possibilities for an extra save ball.

The first one:
BallsRemaining(CurrentPlayer) = BallsRemaining(CurrentPlayer) + 1

The second one:
ExtraBallsAwards(CurrentPlayer) = ExtraBallsAwards(CurrentPlayer) + 1

I wonder what is the difference between them?

Thank's for your time.


Author:  20degree [ Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 8 Stage Boss's

My table is progressing bit by bit since of my ways of life. What is done for now is that the player before the ball enter the plunger lane alley, the player can choose a boss corresponding of one of the 8 stages. This by pressing the right flipper to change the boss stage, and to play the selected stage press the left flipper. Wich result in the ball going in the plunger lane alley, the playfield stage changing; and the stage order objectifs changing.

Each stage have 5 objectifs, it's the same things to do; but depending of the stage selected the order of the objectifs changes. Each stages give the chance to try it again if the ball enter the drain, at leass 5 chances since (extraball). When the objectifs has been done, the player then enter the drain wich (shoot again light) give the player to choose an other boss stage or to make the same stage again.

If the player choose to play the same stage, it make the points worth more. The player can choose what ever stage he/she want to play. When all objectifs of each stages has been done, then the player can access the big boss stage; the objectifs must be done much more times to complete the game.

For now i only have programmed 3 stages. When the player choose a stage and the ball enter the plunger lane alley; there is some changing fast lights (skill shot points).

I think also to create some pdf file explaining the table as i did in the table Faxanadu X Pinball on So as that table designer could understand visually what are the ideas ive put into the table. It could maybe even help some designer and programmer do the table other way's.

It is based on some things on the Nes 8 bit game called Megaman 2. It could maybe bring peoples have ideas to create some FP table that the playfield change on some events, could help maybe peoples have some ideas like. It's more an ordinary table, beside many others; but unique because the player can choose a boss wich result in the table changing fiew things.


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